Phone Counselling

This service provides clients with over the phone counselling as opposed to face to face. Like face to face counselling the sessions are usually weekly and last 1 hour in duration. The day and time of the sessions are agreed in advance so as to ensure the client can locate themselves in a suitable environment for the phone session.

This service can be particularly helpful to clients with limited mobility, living in remote areas or wanting complete privacy in terms of accessing a support service. It can also be helpful to clients living abroad who would prefer to work with an Irish therapist who has an understanding of Irish culture.

If there were no relationships ever than no one would ever be hurt, but as we all survive in the world in relationships then we get hurt, and this hurt is painful and causes conflict. We choose to talk to someone or stay unhappy. There are many reasons for people to come to counselling and it’s only when people start to open up and begin to get curious about how they have become the people they are, that real healing takes place. In order for people to move on in their lives in a healthy positive way they may need to look back into the past to find the root causes of their pain and conflict. There is so much to be gained from this investigative work in counselling.